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Reduce Your CAPEX with our Shared Hosting

Enjoy our shared web hosting service packages for multiple Web sites, each having its own Internet domain name from a single Web server. Create your web presence with less cost! 

Shared hosting allows for multiple applications to be hosted on a shared hardware. With low maintenance and ease of use, it cuts down your capital investment significantly. You do not have to have professional knowledge or skills to set up and run your websites or application in a shared hosting server environment, let us do the job for you while you focus on your core competencies and operations.

Today, websites are the backbone of any business, and its user-friendliness is its success factor. Our website development and hosting services are topped with unmatched support that guarantees your website is up-and-running 24/7/365. Blending navigation-friendly and exceptional user experience with elegant and customized design and development, our website solutions allow your business to proactively reach out to your clients with hosting services that never fail you.

High Performance

Powered by world-leading virtualization and infrastructure technology, Cyberspace cloud virtual servers provide the maximum performance and reliability that your business requires


Take total control over your servers, monitor your resource utilization and performance, and manage all your billing and support requirements through the Cyberspace Cloud management portal

Automatic Provisioning

No lengthy queuing or wait time that your business can not afford. Cyberspace cloud virtual servers are provisioned immediately upon your order.

Easy Billing

Choose from a variety of payment options available with Cyberspace Cloud. View and track your billing history with total transparency

Advanced analytics easy to understand for sales

Conveniently drive stand-alone total linkage for process-centric content. Enthusiastically administrate robust initiatives quickly unleash.

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Objectively exceptional via customized intellectual.

Quick Online Support

Interactively integrate extensible directed developer.

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Rapidiously embrace distinctive best practices after B2B syndicate.

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