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Cyberspace Cloud is the secure, fully automated, scalable and flexible way to seamlessly integrate your business into public or private cloud environments.
Without investing in new infrastructure, Cyberspace Cloud enables you to extend your computing capacity on the fly, plug into powerful business applications, and manage your business data with ease and flexibility, all at the lowest capital cost.


High Quality Trusted Cyber
Space Products & Services

Virtual Server (VPS)

Our virtual servers are carefully designed to suit the varying needs of different workloads optimized for light, medium, and heavy compute requirements, Provision one or more virtual servers and have them up and running ....

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Virtual Data Center (VDC)

Our virtual data center offers you a scalable service based on your capacity needs with high flexibility on resource deployment. Not only allowing you to reduce your hardware investments, our virtual data center provides ....

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Backup and Recovery

Raya Cloud back-up and recovery service allow you to safely protect your operations from downfalls with a disaster recovery that does not require keeping identical hardware to match the production environment.......

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Email Collaboration

Unlike the competition, we provide fully-loaded email collaboration with all the features regardless of the capacity you need and the package you choose. Get the whole nine yards and pay only for the number of users and the mailbox capacity you need........

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Web Hosting

Reduce Your CAPEX with our Shared Hosting Enjoy our shared web hosting service packages for multiple Web sites, each having its own Internet domain name from a single Web server. Create your web presence with less cost! .......

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Lower Capital Cost

Slash away the cost of investment in expensive hardware and software licenses, along with deployment and commissioning expenses.

Greater Flexibility and Scalability

Facing fluctuating business demand? Gone are the days of lengthy change management cycles for your IT infrastructure.

Quicker Start-up Time

On average, based on the complexity of business requirements, it takes 6 weeks to 6 months to commission a new IT system using the traditional deployment model.

Less Maintenance and Support Cost

When hosting in the cloud, the responsibility of managing the IT infrastructure falls with the cloud provider, giving your organization the opportunity to be lean and nimble.

Guaranteed Security

Cyberspace Cloud platform features a robust security infrastructure which mandate highest levels of security and resilience on all infrastructure, network and software layers.

Unmatched Reliability

Cyberspace Cloud is powered by the best-of-breed hardware and software technologies that guarantee full power and network infrastructure redundancy.

Exceptional Customer Support

Best known for "exceptional customer support", Cyberspace Cloud leverages Cyberspace Data Center's many years of enterprise-class operations hosting and managing clients' mission-critical IT systems.

Record and Expertise

With more than 15 years of expertise in the IT industry in Egypt and the Middle East, we have served hundreds of satisfied clients who have trusted us with their mission-critical IT systems and the security of their operations.

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